"Don't dream it,

                         be it!"

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Maximize your Training - Version 1 (March, 2020)
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Agility Seminars

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My three guidelines

Trust your feeling!

Don´t let other people´s opinion define your own. Take advice but never ignore your feeling. 
Leave your comfort zone, try something different but it´s supposed to feel good afterwards.

Be clear!

Reward or no reward?
Criteria is something really important. 
Reward behaviour that shows improvement! 
Correct behaviour you don´t want to establish!
A clear rewarding structure is fair and leads to efficient training and great results. 

Take it easy and enjoy!

There will always be failure, there will always be frustration. Don´t let those factors bother you!
One missed dogwalk, one bad weave entry, it happens! Choose the positivity, because what
settles in your mind will define your following journey! Enjoy the game, your dog & the adrenalin!